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How to Watch Free Movies Online Without Irritation of Annoying Ads

Watching movies online for free is a great way to spend your time indoors or just relax after a hard day. But very frequently this experience can get harder than you’ve imagined. This is because a lot of the movie sites on the internet have annoying and harmful ads that can pop up while you watch the video. They not only ruin the watching but have a negative impact on your device, as well.

However, you can get rid of them. There are multiple solutions that you can try. To help you out with that here we’ll present the best ways to watch movies online without the irritation of annoying ads.


Probably the safest and most effective way to watch movies online without being interrupted by annoying ads is going to websites that can give you that experience. One such site is Ovoo.


It’s a large web catalog of free movies and TV shows available to all users without the need for registration. There you can check out all content completely for free and not get irritated by ads that can be dangerous for your device. In fact, the site doesn’t provide internal annoying ads at all. This is why it has been recognized as a trusted movie site that doesn’t contain malware and other viruses.

As a free alternative to paid movie services like Netflix and Amazon, it offers a lot of categories where viewers can search for their favorite videos and watch them lawfully without internal harmful ads. These include both whole movies and episodes and trailers of the upcoming ones that are expected to arrive at the site soon.

Browser Extensions

Since a lot of websites’ main source of funding is connected to the advertisements, chances are that you’ll encounter annoying ads quite often. That’s why you can find a more permanent solution with the help of the browser extensions for blocking ads.

There are many on the Internet that you can use, so it’s on you to pick the extension that suits your preferences. The likes of AdBlock and Disconnect are only some that you can add to your Chrome or Mozilla browser. All you should do is go to the extension’s website, download it and add it to the browser.

After that, you’ll be able to click on whatever video you like and watch it with no trouble.

Browser Set-Up

The browsers, themselves offer options for keeping the ads away. You just need to set them up.

Now we’ll see what you should do in Firefox.

  • Click on the top left menu;
  • Then go to ‘Options’;
  • Press the ‘Content’ tab and make sure that ‘Block pop-up windows’ is enabled;
  • It’s a good idea to also head to the ‘Security’ tab and see ifthe warnings are on so that you know when websites attempt to install add-ons on your computer;
  • Finally, you can look into your add-ons in the menu and see if there are some that are unknown to you.

In the last

When you want to see a movie or an episode online for free you may face a lot of problems connected to the ads on the websites you are trying to watch on. A lot of them feature ones that are annoying and can cause damage to your device. This is why you need to protect yourself from them. Starting from going to a secure and legal website that doesn’t feature dangerous ads like Ovoo and enabling extensions to setting up your browser, there are a lot of ways you can try. You just have to see which ones work for you best and give them a try.