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The lost city of z is based on the true story

The Lost City of Z (2016)

This film was created with the lots of adventurous effects and made all the people to realize what is actually happening in the place of the amazons and what he is doing and what all the problems which he face inside that place. This film was directed based on the true story of the Percy who had explored in the British and it was written by the James gray and it is released in 2016.

The Lost City of Z (2016)

Saying bye to his family for the last time

In the first half of the story it would say about the full life of the hero and the military career and when he finds his first map then the movie would be little more interesting where he started finding his own way and he moved towards it. This film reveals the true fact that would had happened in the 20th century and the whole film makes you to think what will happen next and when he had gone alone to the place he would find a lot of things inside them and he would keep on moving forward. But in his each move he would find some kinds of the different unexpected things which would happen to him at last he want to fight and have to do something for sustaining in that world and finally what he had found there and how he is returning back to his home will he come or not is the climax.